Synchronize all Melec HiPIMS, MF and Bias generators to achieve the most advanced thin-film coatings.

Synchronized processes enable many new, exciting options for your coating and plasma diagnostics. By means of synchronization, the deposition rate can be increased, the process stability can be improved or completely new layer properties can be achieved.

The Melec SYNC system was developed to synchronize up to eight plasma generators (additional channels optional) or diagnostic devices (OES etc.) with the help of arbitrary function generators (AWFG).

A software developed by Melec for this purpose enables the entire system to be controlled.

The software enables the generation, storage and loading of high-resolution synchronized pulse trains. The software can serve as an interface to a higher-level controller (PLC), or it can be used in manual mode. A serial interface serves as the physical interface to the PLC, Profibus DP can be used as an option. Automation by means of PLC enables multi-stage plasma processes with state-of-the-art pulse trains.

A large number of synchronization options are already implemented. If necessary, we can expand the system according to your wishes.



  • HiPIMS + MF

  • HiPIMS+ Bias

  • HiPIMS + DC

  • Multi Channel HiPIMS with Phaseshift

  • Bias Phaseshift


  • process synchronisation with 1 mikrosecond resolution (finer resolution on request)

  • Bias synchronisation feature

  • HiPIMS synchronized with MF

  • various phase shift options

  • Serial Interface (RS485) for PLC intergration

  • Profibus (optional)

  • Synchronize HipIMS/MF or Bias Generators

  • Synchronize other devices like OES Systems

  • new software features on request

  • sequence a multitude of pulsetrains for advanced thin film recipes

  • Synchronize up to eigth devices ( more optional)

Type Channels
Sync-2 2 Channel
Sync-4 4 Channel
Sync-6 6 Channel
Sync-8 8 Channel