NOT LONGER in PRODUCTION – On special request only!  Service and Support still available.

SIPP2000USB-Single pulse power controller is capable of operating with any DC power supply with floating outputs to upgrade a current averaged DC technology easily to the state-of-the-art pulse-power-control technology. SIPP2000USB-Single provides the most stable pulsed voltage and current output waveforms by means of the flexible pulse control parameters to meet versatile applications.

SIPP2000USB-Single can be locally controlled by any computer that runs WinXP or Win 10 using the MELEC GmbH control center (MCC)- software (developed with National Instruments LabVIEW™). The MCC is able to control two DC Units that features: synchronized ON-OFF of two DC-Units, setting values for voltages, current and power and reading of DC-Unit working parameters.

One of the main features of the SIPP2000USB-Single is the integrated intuitive user defined pulse generation, as well as the synchronization of up to four SIPP2000USB-Single generators. Superimposition of HiPIMS, MF pulses or Bias for single or dual magnetron sputtering applications are the advantage of this generator.The quick arc-level control function with arc suppression time less than 2µs ensures your applications remain free of any arc damage.The new concept to control the real instant kinetics of this application provides more opportunities to obtain the optimized final solution.

Applications for

  • HiPIMS
  • MF
  • Bias

model features

  • +/-1000 V, max. voltage
  • +/-1000 A, max. peak current
  • DC – 50 kHz pulse frequency range
  • Arc suppression less than 2 µs

  • Output modes:  DC-, UP+, UP- and  BP

  • Symmetric and Asymmetric voltage output

  • Flexible free pulse generation

  • 4 x Synchron trigger output

  • 1 x Trigger input

  • Intuitive software control (MCC Software)

  • Integrated control  of two ADL DC Units

Type DC Power (kW) DC Voltage (V) DC Current (A) Pulse Peak Power (kW)
SIPP2000-10-1000-S 10 kW 1000 V 20 A 1000 kW
SIPP2000-20-1000-S 20 kW 1000 V 35 A 1000 kW
SIPP2000-30-1000-S 30 kW 1000 V 50 A 1000 kW