MELECs Measurement System (MS) is a simple way to scope your process. The MS has the option to measure up to four channels ( 2 x U and 2 x I) with a ratio of 1000V:10V and up to 1000A:10V. The MS can be included in system racks where the voltage and current transducer are mounted or used stand alone in combination with Terminal Boxes (TB). This Terminal Boxes include the Voltage and Current transducer in a stable metal case. The MS is used to capture and normalize HiPIMS voltage / current signals. High quality voltage and current transducers of the company LEM are used in order to capture high voltage und current signals.

All models features

  • U Ratio: 0V-1000V = 0V-5V attenuation: x200

  • Voltage BW: DC-300kHZ

  • I Ratio: 0A-500 A / 1000A = 0V-5V attenuation: x100 (500A) / x200 (1000A)

  • Current BW: DC-200kHZ

  • 1 U/125mm depth

  • TB (Terminal Box) includes voltage and current transducer (option)

Type Voltage Current
MS-500-S 1 x 1000 V 1 x 500 A
MS-500-S-TB 1 x 1000 V 1 x 500 A
MS-500-D 2 x 1000 V 2 x 500 A
MS-500-D-TB 2 x 1000 V 2 x 500 A
MS-1000-S 1 x 1000 V 1 x 1000 A
MS-1000-S-TB 1 x 1000 V 1 x 1000 A
MS-1000-D 2 x 1000 V 2 x 1000 A
MS-1000-D-TB 2 x 1000 V 2 x 1000 A