SPIK3000A pulse power controller is capable of operating with any DC power supply with floating outputs to upgrade a current averaged DC technology easily to the state-of-the-art pulse-power-control technology.

The SPIK3000A is the next evolution step in the SPIK line and provide an integrated function generator (FPPG) to generate up to 8 pulses in on-/off-time and polarity. Two SPIK3000A can be synchronized to switch parallel for higher peak current (up to 4000A peak-to-peak), synchronize mid frequency in the long off-time of an HiPIMS pulse or synchronize a pulsed bias to the HiPIMS pulse.

SPIK3000A provides the most stable pulsed voltage and current output waveforms. The SPIK3000A is controlled via serial communication and has the option to integrate any standard industrial communication interfaces. The quick arc-level-control-function with arc suppression time, less than 2µs ensures the applications remain free of any arc damage. The SPIK3000A can only be driven in symmetric voltage. The new concept to control the real instant kinetics of the application provides more opportunities to obtain the optimized your final solution.

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Applications for

  • HiPIMS
  • HiPIMS + MF
  • HiPIMS + Bias
  • Bias (unsynchronized)
  • Pulsed DC

Example of compatible DC sources

  • GX100/1000
  • HX150/1000
  • HX200/1000
  • HX250/1000
  • HX300/1000

SPIK3000A pulse output example

Model Features

  • ARM Processor control
  • FPPG (Free Pulse Pattern Controller)
  • Symmetric  voltage output
  • Fast arc detection and suppression less than 2 µs
  • Remote interface (Profibus / RS485)
  • 1 x Trigger input
  • 2 x Trigger output
  • Fast parallel interface (Stacking)

Pulse Feature

  • DC – 50kHz pulse frequency range
  • Pulse on-time 5µs – 16ms
  • Pulse off-time 5µs – 32ms
  • DC negative mode
  • Unipolar positive
  • Unipolar negative
  • Bipolar
  • Symmetric output
  • FPPG (up to 8 pulses)
Type DC Power(kW) DC Voltage (V) DC Current (A) Pulsed Peak Power (kW)
A-10 10kW 1000V 20A 1000kW
A-20 20kW 1000V 35A 1000kW
A-30 30kW 1000V 50A 1000kW